Student Learning

  • I believe that all students should be able to communicate effectively in a variety of circumstances.
  • I believe that all students should be able to problem solve and think critically. They should be able to use appropriate problem solving strategies, collect and analyze data and evaluate relevant research from a variety of sources.
  • I believe that all students should acquire and apply knowledge and skills to proficiently meet state and local standards.
  • I believe that all students should take responsibility for their growth as a learner. Students should explore career goals, reflect on their work, and establish behaviors that lead to physical, social and emotional wellness.


  • I believe that more collaborative schools tend to have higher student achievement.
  • I believe that the school should serve the community. Students should demonstrate a sense of community through volunteerism and service to others.
  • I believe that I must work with and incorporate the community into the school. This includes local businesses, service organizations, and most importantly, parents.


  • I believe that today’s schools are a cumulative result of centuries of extremely limited thinking about the nature of learners and learning.
  • I believe that I must challenge current educational practices such as our use of time, our educational delivery system, our current culture, high stakes testing, and the influx of technology and information into our society.
  • I believe that to address these challenges in our schools, we must have leaders who have the ability to communicate a vision, develop relationships, communicate with the community, and facilitate difficult conversations about teaching, learning, and assessment.
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