Empowering Leaders for Transformational Change


DPK Solutions provides coaching and consulting services to educational leaders (PK-12 & Higher Ed), policymakers, and community stakeholders addressing key challenges in education. Our focus is on helping school leaders enhance essential skills such as communication, relationship-building, community engagement, and navigating educational challenges. We work closely with principals, offering personalized, confidential support to refine leadership abilities, improve school practices, and ultimately benefit the entire school community through a structured coaching process.

Blended Coaching Model

Utilizing a blended coaching model recognizes that the development of school leaders requires a multifaceted approach, drawing from various coaching methodologies and adapting them to the unique demands of educational leadership. This comprehensive approach aims to empower school leaders, improve their leadership skills, and ultimately enhance the overall educational experience for students and staff.


DPK Solutions, through its blended coaching model, offers a range of benefits that empower educational leaders to excel in their roles, positively impact their school communities, and address the challenges in today’s educational landscape.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Improved Communication

Stronger Relationships 

Better Decision-Making

Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Transformational Change

“I had a crazy idea that I would move across the country from Baltimore to Portland to become a vice principal. Dan Kelley was there every step of the way: providing me with a wide range of contacts, collaborating on my resume, helping me through the interview process, and answering each question that I had. I credit Dan with so much of my early success as an administrator, and know he will continue to be a valuable resource as I grow in this profession.” 

“It is my privilege to recommend Daniel Kelley. I have known Dan for the past ten years as a national colleague in education. During that time, he has demonstrated inspiring leadership, not only in his many years as a high school principal but also in his connection, collaboration, and coaching with other school leaders. He is an experienced teacher and mentor of the principalship as demonstrated in his work with aspiring and new leaders through the Rhode Island Instructional Leadership Academy, as well as his service through the National Association of Secondary School Principals. If you are looking for perspective and strategy from someone with a proven track record in education leadership, you will not be disappointed with Daniel Kelley.”

“Our relationship began 17 years ago when I was an undergraduate in college and has continued to this day. His passion to lead and motivate his students as well as his teachers has made Dan one of the very best in his profession. Dan continues to be a role model and mentor to me as I embark on my new journey as a school administrator. I highly recommend Dan as a mentor/coach for new principals and veterans who want to take their craft to the next level!”

“I learned a lot from Dan while serving as his assistant principal – that we always have to seek ways to improve, and that those ways already exist if we stay open to discovering them. Dan taught me to reach beyond the boundaries of my school and district to engage in constant discovery and learning. That practice made me the leader I am today.”

“Dan brings a fresh insight to every conversation about education.  His ability to cultivate relationships and drive new ideas make him an effective president of the NASSP Board of DIrectors.  But more important, they make him a progressive and driven school leader.”