Dan Kelley, the veteran principal of Smithfield High School in Smithfield, RI, is an innovative and passionate leader with a crucial message: Connectedness can make us more effective leaders and more proficient educators.


During his 20-plus years in education, Dan has wrestled with an inescapable reality: Today’s schools are a cumulative result of centuries of extremely limited thinking about the nature of learners and learning. Today’s world calls us to challenge current educational practices such as our use of time, our educational delivery system, our current culture, high-stakes testing, the ubiquity of technology, and the avalanche of media. That belief drove Dan to re-envision Smithfield High School around essential attributes of 21st-century education: Proficiency, Problem-Solving, Communication, and Responsibility.

Today’s schools also require a new kind of leader – one who can communicate a vision, develop relationships, reach out to the community, and facilitate difficult conversations about teaching, learning, and assessment.  To that end, Dan has emerged as an advocate for connected leadership.  Today’s leader must be a continuous learner who shatters his or her own isolation by connecting with other leaders – in ways both high-tech and high-touch – around the globe to share in a community of high-impact practice.


Contact Dan at danielpkelleyed@gmail.com to learn more about speaking at your state or regional conference.

Daniel Kelley is not only an experienced and successful high principal, he is also tapped into the work other education leaders are doing across America. He is committed to mentoring education leaders, advocating for better public policy, and continuously improving schools. Daniel speaks from over twenty years of education experience, and he shares from the heart. As President of the National Association of Secondary Principals, he has connected with best practices across the nation. You will be encouraged and inspired by his insights, transparency and courageous leadership.

William D. Parker

Executive Director, Oklahoma Association of Secondary Principals

I learned a lot from Dan while serving as his assistant principal – that we always have to seek ways to improve, and that those ways already exist if we stay open to discovering them. Dan taught me to reach beyond the boundaries of my school and district to engage in constant discovery and learning. That practice made me the leader I am today.

Alan Tenriero

2016 NASSP National Principal of the Year, President - Mount Saint Charles Academy

Dan brings a fresh insight to every conversation about education.  His ability to cultivate relationships and drive new ideas make him an effective president of the NASSP Board of DIrectors.  But more important, they make him a progressive and driven school leader.

JoAnn Bartoletti

Executive Director, National Association of Secondary School Principals



Creating Better Educators 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter has emerged as one of the most powerful tools an educator can use to connect with colleagues around the globe. By using hashtags strategically and by participating in both real-time and asynchronous chats, each of us can enter a world of untapped ideas that can make us better leaders and make our teachers more proficient instructors.

Amplifying Student Voice

You can’t have student learning without student engagement. Providing a platform for students to use their voices constructively empowers students to lead their own learning—both in their classroom learning and in activities like the National Honor Societies and student councils.


Building Your Executive Leadership Skills

Principals fulfill a number of roles—everything from visionary to manager—and an emerging body of knowledge reveals the skills necessary for executive leadership. These skills, captured in the McKinsey Management Program for School Leaders, include communicating for impact, mastering challenging conversations, and managing teams.


Bringing an Edcamp to Your State Conference!

Dan is an experienced Edcamp facilitator who maximizes the power of the process. Schedule the time in your conference and Dan will lead your attendees in high-impact sharing.

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