Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a great week!

  • This weeks SHS Faculty PD provided by paperli.
  • Thank you to all the students and staff for participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Over $500 raised for ALS.  See our video here.
  • We will have two Google hours next week.  If you have specific questions about the use of Google this is the time to utilize.  If we have been unable to connect during a free period please shoot me an email and we can get something scheduled.  Check the calendar for next weeks dates.  
  • Home football next Friday 9/26 7 pm.
  • The Bryant Confucius Institute is part of the Providence Waterfire next Saturday 9/27.
  • Lion’s Club 5k race is taking place next Sunday at SHS 9/28.  Race starts at 10 am.  

Best of Twitter and Social Media:

Shout Outs:
  • Kelley Young is exploring global issues through food.  Some great dialogue about what different countries put in their food, sustainable farming, and eating clean.  
  • Cathy Riley, John Marchand, Mark Atkinson – Excellent work during a student emergency during PE class.  Kept the student calm until rescue arrived.  
  • Rob Jackson & Jeff Macari – Staying fit and exercising everyday after school.  How many of you take advantage of the free workout facility here at SHS?

Have a great weekend!

25 Signs You’re Teaching In 2014 – From teachthought.com
1. You think of clouds as good things.
2. You believe tagging is the new email.
3. The blogosphere is more relevant a term than the stratosphere.
4. You spent more this year on iPad peripherals than you have pencils and pens.
5. You giggle when you recall how you used to simply give tests at the end of a unit.
6. You google before you even try to remember.
7. You begged your school accountant for an iTunes card instead of your annual classroom fund.
8. Have actually used the phrase “digital citizenship” in a sentence with a straight face.
9. You’re in bad shape if the internet goes down during a lesson.
10. YouTube makes more sense than television.
11. You forgot what chalk does to your skin.
12. Flipping the classroom is an instructional strategy rather than a response to misbehavior.
13. You’re sure Vine is rotting your middle schooler’s brain.
14. Your district has a more transparent facebook policy than they do on assessment or curriculum mapping.
15. You’re scared to explain your blended, student-centered, mobile-centric classroom to parents, so you don’t mention any of it on the syllabus.
16. You’ve “crowdsourced” something–school supplies, for example.
17. You trade rooms with another teacher for a better Wi-Fi signal—and don’t tell them why.
18. You’ve texted during class, but have taken a student’s phone for doing the same.
19. You plan lessons assuming that every student has Wi-Fi broadband access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
20. Students blame passwords and log-in issues rather than the dog for eating their homework.
21. Your students have to explain certain technologies to you, but you pretend you already knew.
22. You seriously consider that if it’s not being talked about on twitter, it may not have happened.
23. You’ve spoken more recently with the tech leader in Mumbai than the new 10th grade Math teacher down the hall.
24. You’d never admit it, but you judge other people by the tech they carry.

25. You’re energized–and absolutely fatigued–by the rate of change in your craft as an educator early in the 21st century.

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