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Yesterday Renee, Liz, Kristine and I participated in a Leadership RI event at Rhode Island College.  The topic for the event was education and we were asked to showcase the things that make SHS unique.  Nine other schools participated.  Public, private and charter schools were represented.  It was a great opportunity to share the hard work of the teachers and students.  We shared information on our engineering and STEAM initiatives, grading for learning, freshmen mentoring, freshmen focus, and the Confucius Classroom.  We really enjoyed speaking with members of the Rhode Island business community.  

On the way home from the event we reflected on the questions we were asked.  The most common question asked was, “What makes your school unique or different?”  I wonder how you might answer this question?  How would an SHS teacher respond?  SHS student?  SHS Parent? If you were asked about your grading practices, how would you respond?  What do you think makes SHS unique?  Shoot me an email or tweet a response to @onesmithfield.  

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You may have seen an email from Craig earlier this week regarding collaboration with special education staff.  I do not believe this is a concern at SHS, but it does serve as an excellent reminder that we do need to work together.  I have seen a great example of this with the social studies department over the past year.  I have witnessed amazing dialogue between members of this department.  They share resources, communicate electronically, and utilize Google Drive effectively.  As a result, they have common units and lesson plans.  Their assessments are aligned to standards.  Civics teachers are using the same summative assessments.  Students are demonstrating specific skills.  It is NOT robotic teaching and learning.  Teachers still have flexibility and creativity with their lessons.  
“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

I truly believe that all of you understand the expectation that all staff must work together to achieve positive results with our students.  So, to make sure we are on the same page;
  • Summative assessments must
    be consistent across a subject area.  For example, we shouldn’t have four different biology assessments for the end of unit one.  
  • Departments are expected to collaborate on unit and lesson development, especially for courses with multiple teachers.  
  • Dialogue between faculty members must remain respectful.  It is certainly ok to disagree and debate, but attacks, rude language, and defiance do not promote the kind of positive environment anyone wants to work in.  

Thank you for your continued efforts.  The next two CPT’s will be department time.

Little response with the Google Hours this week.  I will add a smaller number for next week.  

ALS Ice Water Challenge – We are in the editing process of the ALS video.  We will be sharing the video next week.  We raised over $500 for ALS!
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Senior class meeting next Thursday during advisory. First Portfolio meeting.

Pink Out Soccer games will take place on Saturday, September 20th.  Girls start at 4 pm.  Boys at 6 pm.

Thank you to the 40 staff members who volunteered for subcommittees!  If you have not signed up for a committee and would like to, please complete the latest survey from MIke H.  Click here for the SURVEY

Shout outs:
Ryan Burns – Thank you for sharing student work via twitter during the week.  
Luigia Solda – Library looked great at Open House.  Thank you for triaging student tech issues.
Lora DiMuccio – Thank you for organizing the faculty dress down days.  
Mary Richards – You are awesome!
Student Council – Awesome work on the ALS challenge.  Excellent organization.  Great event!
Carlton Eaton/Bruce Lenore – Thanks for creating the ALS videos.  

Best from Twitter this week….

Have a great weekend!  Rest up.  We have a five day week coming up.

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