This week’s SHS Faculty PD
Did you know SHS graduate Sarah Potenza is participating on the voice?  Check it out here:

The Voice 2015 Blind Audition – Sarah Potenza: “Stay with Me”
The Voice 2015 Battle – Hannah Kirby vs. Sarah Potenza: “Gimme Shelter”

The SHS College & Career Workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 24 at 6 pm in the auditorium. 
Great blog from a good friend of mine in Iowa – One Simple Interaction
Thank you the SHS math department for hosting a great Pi Day last Saturday.

Check out some of our SHS students working with our new redboard inventor’s kit

PARRC Transcript Question – A couple of parents have inquired about state assessment scores being put on the student transcript.  Here is my response for that inquiry;
This past Monday we had an assembly for all 9th and 10th grade students taking the PARCC.  We went over the schedule for the week, security concerns, cell phone and back pack restrictions and answered a number of questions.  During that assembly, I did share that results from the assessment are placed on the transcript.  I told them it is part of the RIDE diploma regulations. I mentioned that with it being a baseline year I did not anticipate local colleges focusing on it.  

We are required by RIDE regulation to post the score on the high school transcript.  Please see page 6 of the regulations passed February 23, 2015.  Here is the full set of regulations.  

L-6-3.3. Use of state assessments for high school graduation.
(a) Commencing with the class of 2020, students shall be required to reach a minimum achievement level on the state assessment or assessments in content areas designated by the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education. The Council shall (1) designate the content areas in which the state assessment serves as a graduation requirement and (2) establish the minimum student achievement levels on the state assessment necessary for graduation. The Council will determine the minimum level of required achievement; however, LEAs may set higher levels of student achievement as a requirement to receive a diploma. LEAs may choose to use the state assessment or other standardized assessment as one of the local graduation requirements prior to the 2020 date set forth above but no earlier than for the class of 2017.

In content areas in which the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has not approved a state assessment for the purpose of determining student eligibility for graduation, the LEA shall use successful course completion and student performance on performance-based diploma assessments and other local evidence to satisfy state graduation requirements.

Commencing with the graduating class of 2014, state assessment results shall be included on each student’s permanent high school transcript.

I spoke with my contact at RIDE this morning and they will be sending out guidance next week about which score to post to the transcript but there is no discussion at this time to remove the transcript requirement from the regulations.    

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