This week’s SHS Faculty PD.

Week of November 7th has two days with no school.  Here is the schedule for this week.  We packed a lot into a short week!

Tough weekend for SHS athletics.  Boys and Girls soccer were eliminated from the state playoffs.

Girls and Boys Cross Country will be participating in the the state meet on Sunday, Nov. 6th.  Best of luck to our runners.

The RIIL will be finalizing the football playoff schedule on Sunday, Nov. 6th.  It looks like we will have a home playoff game on Friday, November 11th.  Check the school calendar later in the week to confirm.

Mr. Barrette and I recently sent the following message to all four classes. It is an important reminder for our students regarding technology use.

Hello! Mr. Barrette (Director of Technology) and I would like to share a few reminders regarding technology use. As discussed with you and your parents when you received your Google account and Chromebook, we expect that students will use technology tools appropriately. As required by applicable laws and local policies, the school and district uses web and content filters to keep Smithfield students safe when students use certain inappropriate words or phrases in email messages and documents (including the comments in the documents). These filters notify the high school administration. This causes us to pull you out of class to have a conversation about appropriate technology use, causing you to miss important class time. Please keep this in mind moving forward. Your school account is your professional account. Please use it in this way. Thank you.”

Please get out and vote on Tuesday!
Have a great week!
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