• This weeks SHS Faculty PD via paper.li.
  • Sentinel Pride Week was a great success!  Thank you to all the students and faculty for participating. A big THANK YOU to the Parent Council for sending additional chaperones to the all the events.   
  • For those of you being evaluated this year, BOY and all documents must be completed by 11/3.
  • Interesting article on a different style of rubric.
    • http://www.brilliant-insane.com/2014/10/single-point-rubric.html
  • Educating Parents on Education
  • Senior Class Meeting on Tuesday during advisory.  
  • Make sure you are checking the school calendar for updates.  
  • Congratulations to the girls cross country team.  1st place in the Class B meet this past weekend.
  • Congratulations to the boys cross country team.  2nd place in the Class C meet this past weekend.
  • Our field hockey team qualified for the playoffs on a come from behind win on Sunday afternoon.  

Shout Outs:

Rob Jackson – Nice touch providing a birthday cake for one of your students.
Jeff Macari & Mike Starring –  The SHS Engineering program received “High School Program of the Year” and will be representing RI at the NE and National conferences for the second time.
Dr. Palazzo & Student Council – Excellent work organizing Sentinel Pride Week!

Right is Right
Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.
~ D.H Lawrence

We all know that educators don’t get to pick and choose students before accepting them into their classrooms. We must teach each and every one who comes through the door. For some students, the home environment may be quite different from what they experience at school. Ethics don’t change depending on the calendar, nor should they change in different company. What’s right is right regardless of time or place. By reinforcing the level of ethical behavior expected in your classroom, you are also offering lessons about what is appropriate out in society. Seasons may change, but that’s one lesson that remains timeless.

With something to think about……

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