Day #2 started off with a review of data from the previous session.  Our facilitator answered many of the lingering questions that could not be answered on Wednesday.  As a large group, we began to identify core problems.  We were told that a core problem must affect a significant number of students and needs to be addressed if the district is to achieve its vision.  This created excellent discussion about the direction for the district.  

During lunch the 8th grade choir performed for the group.  Mr. O’Brien led a question and answer session with students about their experiences in school and what types of programs, technology and teaching they would like to see that would prepare them for the next five years.  The students discussed BYOD, transition to high school and additional hands-on learning opportunities.  
After lunch we split into smaller groups  so that each core problem could be addressed.  I chose flexible and student centered pathways.  We began the process of creating goals and objectives for this problem.  Our group discussed many topics, including full day kindergarten, virtual learning, and flexible pathways to graduation.  
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