Smithfield High School is revising our mission statement and learning expectations. SHS is also developing core value statements. SHS is looking for feedback on the mission statement, core values and learning expectations (Portrait of a High School Graduate). You may provide feedback until November 4, 2014 by clicking the following link .

Smithfield Public Schools Mission Statement
The mission of the Smithfield Public School District is to provide an adaptive and challenging learning environment that meets the needs of students in an emerging global community, and prepares them for excellence in education and the workplace, while cultivating integrity, responsibility and a sustained passion for continued learning.

Smithfield Public Schools Vision Statement
Learning Today….Leading Tomorrow

Smithfield High School Mission Statement
The mission of Smithfield High School is to provide a comprehensive, challenging and diverse learning environment, which will enable our graduates to succeed in a 21st century global community.

Smithfield High School Core Values & Beliefs
Accountability – We establish clear goals, measure progress, and take responsibility for results. We teach our students to become responsible, self-motivated learners.
Commitment to Learning – We are committed to ensuring the growth and success of our students, families, and communities.  We embrace feedback and change to grow our strengths and address our weaknesses.  
Communication – We value honest and direct dialogue.  We welcome new ideas openly and make time to engage in challenging conversations with each other and our students.  We are responsive.
Comprehensive Education – We provide our students with a challenging well-rounded education that includes the arts, humanities, mathematics, the sciences, technology, and health, and that fosters students’ social and emotional well-being.  
Excellence – We believe that all students can achieve at high levels and we hold ourselves accountable for fostering a learning environment that promotes students success.
Problem Solving – We value innovative solutions to meet individual students’ needs.  We persist to find resolutions to even the most difficult challenges, holding ourselves accountable to high standards of excellence.
Respect – We value professionalism and diversity, treating each other and our students with respect.

Portrait of a Smithfield High School Graduate
1. A clear and effective communicator who:
  • Demonstrates organized and purposeful communication
  • Uses evidence and logic appropriately in communication
  • Adjusts communication based on the audience
  • Uses a variety of modes of expression (spoken, written and visual and performing including the use of technology to create and share the expressions)
2. A self-directed and lifelong learner who:
  • Recognizes the need for information and locates and evaluates resources
  • Applies knowledge to set goals and make informed decision
  • Applies knowledge in new contexts
  • Demonstrates initiative and independence
  • Demonstrates flexibility including the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn
  • Demonstrates reliability and concern for quality
  • Uses interpersonal skills to learn and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds
3. A creative and practical problem solver who:
  • Observes and evaluates situations to define problems
  • Frames questions, makes predictions and designs data/information collection and analysis strategies
  • Identifies patterns, trends and relationships that apply to solutions
  • Generates a variety of solutions, builds a case for a best response and critically reflects upon the effectiveness of the response
  • Sees opportunities, finds resources and seeks results
  • Uses information and technology to solve problems
  • Perseveres in challenging situations
4. A responsible and involved citizen who:
  • Participates positively in the community and designs creative solutions to meet human needs and wants
  • Accepts responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Demonstrates ethical behavior and the moral courage to sustain it
  • Understands and respects diversity
  • Displays global awareness and economic and civic literacy
  • Demonstrates awareness of personal and community health and wellness
5. An integrative and informed thinker who:

  • Gains and applies knowledge across disciplines and learning contexts and to real-life situations with and without technology
  • Evaluates and synthesizes information from multiple sources
  • Applies and evaluates ideas across disciplines
  • Applies a systems thinking approach that analyzes the relationships between all parts in order to understand a situation for better decision-making.
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