This week’s guest blog is from Art Teacher Ms. Kristine Sarro.  Thank you for sharing!
I am a sentinel…

As part of Karen DiSano and Mary Richards’ Advisory class, Katie DeLuca created a video where she asked students and teachers what it means to be a sentinel.  I was asked this question by Katie a few weeks ago, and I fumbled over my words trying to say just the right thing.  After 12 years of working in Smithfield, I couldn’t answer the question with ease…..following spirit week 2015….. I now can.

I have spent the last month “attached” to Liz Russillo, Mae McCauley,  Evan Sousa, Ireland Judge, David Gaulin, and Justin Pezza.  Together we planned and organized all of the events for spirit week.  The excitement in these five students brought me back to high school.  I remember the same excitement.   They were able to participate as seniors for the very first time. Trying to make the week the MOST MEMORABLE of ALL the spirit weeks that came before.    

This was also my first spirit week serving as student council co-advisor.  For me, this meant late nights all week, early mornings every day, endless trips to the school store, and endless questions and plans…..BUT… was all worth every moment.

I am Sentinel.
I acknowledge the importance of FUN in the world of education.
I am connected to something bigger than me.  
I am committed to the well being of 700 students.

I am part of a team of teachers who truly care and want our kids to succeed.

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