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This is our fourth blog post from the staff.  Thank you Mrs. Young for sharing your thoughts.   

On Wednesday, October 21st, Dr. Teresa Coffman from RIC visited our Music Department with her Chamber Singers. The SHS Chorus performed for the RIC students and then we got to hear their fabulous sound from just a ten-person ensemble. They performed a variety of works from the Renaissance period as well as modern vocal jazz pieces. Dr. Coffman then did a short workshop with our students and they learned a few new techniques to help improve their performance.

Our Chorus students learned that the elements we work on in class like diction, vowel placement, vocal technique, balance and blend, etc., are universal to choral singing. No matter what level the musician, they can always improve and perfect their performance.

Dr. Coffman also highlighted for our students the importance of mental engagement. She discussed how music performance is truly quite intellectual and the smallest distraction or lack of focus can have a huge impact on the musician’s sound.

Thank you to the staff for excusing students from G period that day so they could have this experience!

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