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A couple of weeks ago I offered the SHS faculty an opportunity to write a blog post about any topic they wished to share.  Our first one is from English teacher, Mrs. Pereira.  


Having learned about a cool app called Padlet, I wanted to use this with my classes. Padlet is a virtual wall where students  can share  – through a mobile learning device – responses in real time. To introduce the topic of the Holocaust, before we began reading Night, I wanted to activate my students’ prior knowledge.What do they REALLY know about the Holocaust? So… I put a thought-provoking picture on my virtual wall along with the question “What do you know about the Holocaust?” After I gave my students the information to access the site, fingers began to fly! 100% participation! Students were anxious to share what they knew! I did ask them that they share their name with their post, for two reasons: 1 – I was trying to learn who was who, and 2 – I wanted a sense of each student’s writing ability. After we finished reviewing what was written, I asked students for their feedback about the activity (as this was the first time I’d ever used it). Every student had a positive response; they loved it and want to use this app again. I am including the link if you would like to view this Padlet:
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